a long overdue update

It has been a great many months since I last updated this site. For those who somehow missed the memo, I capped off a seven-year run at the helm of Politico’s tech team and joined Recode, where I’m now the senior editor for policy and politics. In two months, I’ve had a number of major stories — here are the highlights:

Chronicling Silicon Valley’s political renaissance: In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, the tech engineers, executives and investors who dominate the country’s tech capital are leading the charge to fight the White House — and rethink the Democratic Party. I wrote in May about a tech-inclined group that’s aiding long-shot congressional candidates in places like Montana. I broke the story on the launch of Higher Ground Labs, an effort by President Barack Obama’s former aides to invest in better campaign technology. I covered the launch of Hillary Clinton’s new nonprofit, Onward Together, which has invested in a group that’s notorious for prodding Facebook, Google and others on civil-rights issues.

Covering the Trump White House: Meanwhile, I’ve broken a number of stories about the president’s approach to science and technology. I’ve scooped some major hires, and written at length about a number of key government positions that remain unfilled. I brought y’all first word about an effort by Jared Kushner and crew to convene tech executives for a June meeting about modernizing government. And I got first wind of what was on the agenda — stuff like improving “citizen services” and rethinking high-skilled immigration programs.

Keeping an eye on net neutrality (yet again): It’s the debate that just won’t die. This time, new Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is looking to scrap the Obama-era agency’s rules that subject internet providers to utility-like regulation. I sat down with Pai for his first-ever major interview on net neutrality, a 30-minute long podcast you can find (along with a transcript) here. I also put together a longer piece focused on Democrats and their efforts to fight the FCC, which may or may not work out in the end.

And there’s plenty more: Like this random story about two campaigns that tried and failed to raise thousands of dollars to buy the web-browsing histories of federal lawmakers. Or this scoop about Republicans who want to leave you campaign ads in your voicemail without first ringing your phone.

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