the latest from the trump transition

It’s a short train trip from my apartment to Trump Tower, where the president-elect and his team are beginning their work to staff the incoming administration. To that end, a lot of my work lately has focused on the transition and what it means for Silicon Valley. A few examples of a couple exclusives from November and December:

  • Tech is lobbying Trump a ton: “A collection of 17 organizations representing tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google is urging President-elect Donald Trump to engage Silicon Valley, tap private-sector expertise for key government posts and preserve some of the digital efforts that started during the Obama administration. On the campaign trail, Trump for months had talked extensively about protecting coal plants, preserving manufacturing jobs and penalizing companies that shift their workforce overseas — and he rarely discussed tech issues. Now that he’s headed to the White House, the leading lobbying groups for the Valley’s top brands are asking the president-elect to take a much broader view of the economy as he crafts his incoming team.”
  • A shortlist for the FTC and DOJ: These are the agencies, after all, that have investigated companies like Google for their size. My story: “On the campaign trail, Donald Trump pledged to prohibit big media mergers like AT&T’s bid for Time Warner. Now that he’s preparing for the White House, however, his transition team is poised to pick candidates for the government’s top antitrust positions who take a more traditional conservative hands-off approach to business.”
  • A rundown of candidates for the FCC: With a colleague, I reported that all eyes are on an Indiana state senator with close ties to Vice President-elect Mike Pence could be the next FCC commissioner. Other spots are also up for grabs, and we took a look at who’s in the running.

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