so a lot happened in july?

For perhaps every political or technology reporter in all the land, July has proven to be an exceptionally busy month. So here’s a solid rundown of the stories I’ve done since my last update, plucked from my newsletter, sent earlier today. Which you should sign up to receive, by the way:

Spotify declared war on Apple again, and I had to go a solid 800 words without a single shot at Fifth Harmony. I also got the big scoop on everything in Hillary Clinton’s tech policy platform a day before she unveiled it. I spent a bunch of time creepin’ on Paul Ryan for a pair of exclusives about his trip to San Francisco and fundraiser with Apple CEO Tim Cook. I wrote about Tim Kaine, newly plucked Dem VP candidate and prototypical grandpa, who has at least some background on techy things. From the backseat of a car to Ptown (true story) I interviewed a bunch of members of Congress. who are putting together a broadband initiative that’s somehow already in trouble. And before D.C. melted from the summer sun, I did a piece on the feds exploring whether to ask foreign travelers to reveal their social media accounts.

Entering the convention, I scooped a story on Uber pairing up with Dems in Philly for a special VIP service for select convention attendees. (GOP folks didn’t get much.) And while at the DNC, I moderated a panel with top Clinton and Sanders digital folks about election 2016 and data.

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